BlockPARTY is inspired by the fans and for the fans. Fans are a community of people who join together to share an experience around one thing whether it’s a band or a team or a moment in time. 

Blockparty creates immersive experiences that make events unforgettable for the fans. We do this by creating mobile communities in imaginative and adaptive spaces, all with the hospitality of a five-star hotel. We’re not your average tailgate service. We’re a unique and highly adaptable brand that takes the standard fan experience to the next level with thoughtful and inspired details. We don’t just dole out the typical tailgating package, we always ask ourselves how to make each experience truly unforgettable for the fans, and how to create lasting memories. 

Our custom turnkey spaces and commitment to making sure every detail is taken care of from stem to stern means you can count on a flawlessly executed experience fans will be talking and posting about for weeks to come.